Learning Resource Program

Program Overview
In the FMCS Learning Resource Program, we work diligently to prepare your child to achieve their highest academic level, develop appropriate social skills, and form good character qualities through the integration of faith and learning in all of our classroom situations.
We understand that children have different learning styles, strengths and weaknesses which can inhibit their best efforts to succeed academically. The Learning Resource Program is a place where students can get specific help in math, reading, spelling, language, writing and study skills, as well as ad-dress certain processing problems that may block optimum achievement through explicit, systematic and research-based teaching strategies and materials.

The Learning Resource Program at Fort Myers Christian School is designed to assist students who are enrolled in K-8 and struggle academically. We work with the students, teachers, and parents to provide academic support for students who have been professionally diagnosed and have an IEP (Individualized Educational Plan) or 504 Plan for the following:
• Mild Learning Disabilities
• Dyslexia
•ADD/ADHD with academic difficulties

students enrolled in the Learning Re-source Program can receive primary instruction in the academic areas of language arts (reading, spelling, writing, grammar) and math. Materials are chosen to address the ability level of the student. Both individual and small group instruction is available, depending on the needs of those enrolled. The goal of instruction is to strengthen academic skills along with building visual and auditory processing skills and memory strategies. Each child is graded at his or her ability level for courses taught in the Learning Resource Program. Grades are posted in RenWeb. Regular classroom tests can be administered through the Learning Resource Pro-gram if the student’s reading level may hinder performance on the test or as indicated on the student’s educational plan.
Middle School Learning Resource students will be enrolled in a Guided Study Hall. During that time, study skills, test taking skills and learning strategies are ad-dressed and applied. Middle school students can also receive primary instruction in math and/or language arts. Class notes can be supplied to those students with weak auditory processing or documented problems in handwriting and spelling. Regular classroom tests can be administered through the Learning Re-source Program if the student’s reading level may hinder performance on the test or as indicated on the student’s educational plan.

To be enrolled
in the Learning Resource Program, a student must have an IEP/504 plan, evidence of current psychological testing and be identified with mild learning disability, ADD/ADHD or dyslexia. Stu-dents who are struggling in the classroom, but have not been previously identified shall be referred to the Learning Resource Coordinator by the classroom teacher. The Coordinator will complete classroom observations and review the student’s academic history and then meet with the teacher and parents to discuss any changes that the teacher and parents can make in the current educational setting. These interventions are documented and evaluated periodically to determine student progress. If there is not adequate educational progress, parents shall take steps to have their child evaluated by a licensed psychologist. Based on the results of the evaluation, teacher information, and observations, a program will be designed to provide the level of support required to meet the needs of the student.

the most important component in a student’s education is the parent. As parents, you are their main advocate and support. You know your child in a way no one else can. We can teach many strategies and facts, but the way in which you approach the work as well as your treatment of your child’s effort and learning style is very important. Your support and encouragement of your child and his/her educational process sets a tone toward success or failure. Purposely having a study area and study time that is consistent tells your child their schooling is their most important job right now. Understanding some of the material is challenging, but encouraging your child to finish it and to do their best in the process is a life skill essential to your child’s future.

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