We are very thankful for those that work on the “front lines” of our school. We are here to serve you and we would be more than glad to help answer your questions about FMCS. Please feel free to contact us by phone, 939-4642. You can also visit our school Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM. Call ahead to set up a tour or our facility.


– Mrs. Rute Engren, PK3 | email:
– Miss Angel Schreiber, PK4 | email:
– Mrs. Leslie Earp, PK4  | email:
– Mrs. Rosa Santiago, PK4 | email:

– Mrs. Jo Weber, Kindergarten | email:
– Mrs. Amber Davis, First Grade | email:
– Mrs. Shellee Harper, Second Grade | email –
– Miss Naomi Welborn, Third Grade, Recognized Apple Teacher| email:
– Mrs. Judy Sanders, Fourth Grade | email: | Click here for this classroom blog
– Mrs. Dawn Ward, Fifth Grade | email:

Middle School

– Miss Lori Cadwell, Science, Recognized Apple Teacher | email:
– Mrs. Nancy Bruen, Language Arts, Recognized Apple Teacher | email:
– Mrs. Lee Mitchell, Social Studies & Bible | email:
– Mrs. Peg Swearingen, Math | email:
– Mr. Tom Sinex, Computer, Recognized Apple Teacher | email:
– Mrs. Aileen Gonzales, Spanish | email:
– Mr. Matt Ziemer, Physical Education & Athletic Director, Recognized Apple Teacher | email:
– Miss MacKenzie Neilson, Physical Education Assistant | email:

Specials Teachers (elementary)
– Mrs. Myra Stewart, Learning Disabilities Program | email: | Click here for classroom blog
– Miss Bethany Smith, Music | email:
– Mrs. Sue Sinex, Art | email:
– Mr. Tom Sinex, Computer | email:
– Miss Jay Shrader, Library | email: | Click here for this classroom blog
– Mrs Aileen Gonzales, Spanish | email:

Aides/Support Staff
– Mrs. Megan MacPherson, PK3 aide
– Mrs. Lourdes Aldana, PK4 aide
– Miss Ramona Velez, PK4 aide
– Mrs. Joyce Swearingen, PK4 aide
– Miss Dorina Charlton, playground; aftercare director | email:
– Miss Heather Flowers, aftercare
– Miss Rachel Benson, aftercare
– Miss Naomi Ravish, aftercare
– Cafeteria: Barbara Jones, Virginia McIntosh and Becky Foley

Office Staff
Children’s Center Offices:
Mrs. Dianne Schwartz, Registrator/Purchasing Secretary | email:
– Mrs. Marilyn O’Brien, Business Manager | email:

Middle School/Admissions Office:
– Mrs. Colleen Winckowski, Registrar/MS Receptionist | email:
– Mrs. Paula Dillon, Secretary to Principal | email:
– Mr. Mel Mitchell, Principal | email:

FMCS School Board:
– Pastor Dan Betzer, Senior Pastor of First Assembly of God and School President | Click here for Pastor’s blog
– Pastor David Thomas, Associate Pastor of First Assembly | email:
– 10 members: David Paschall, William Hoeth, Tina Neville, David Sims, Mary Franklin, Robert Stanton, Eli Ferriera, Shawnica Erp, Pat Carroll, Andrew Carter
– William Hoeth, Treasurer

An important note to our parents and families:
In compliance with the Florida Department of Education guidelines, the care and concern of our students is a priority for our administration. Please make sure that if there is any situation that affects the health, safety, or welfare of a student as a result of misconduct by instructional personnel or administration, the school leadership should be contacted (239-939-4642): Fort Myers Christian School, First Assembly of God (239-936-5016, Pastor David Thomas) and/or our School Board Members.