Mourning The Loss

Design– The FMCS family received a major setback on September 17, 2018 when Mrs. Paula Dillon passed away. Her sudden diagnosis of cancer at the end of the summer and it’s aggressive nature may have taken her body but it did not take her soul – we KNOW where she is spending eternity.

So many of you may have known Mrs. Dillon from taking a tour, answering the phone, meeting in her the office, our sporting events or around campus. She was the Administrative Secretary to Mr. Mitchell for many years and her Christ-like example and use of the gifts God gave her were on display every year! If you attended a banquet, auction, graduation, grandparent’s day – any major FMCS event – her creative gifts, ideas, and HOURS of preparation were such a blessing to everyone at the school and beyond.

Mrs. Dillon was not only an incredible “right arm” for Mr. Mitchell but a great friend, and loving mother to her three children:

  • Alyssa Dillon, attended FMCS starting in 1997, graduated in 2007
  • Mallory Dillon, attended FMCS starting in 2000, graduated in 2011
  • Blake Dillon, attended FMCS starting in 2008 and will graduate in May, 2019

As you can see by the number of years that her children were enrolled at FMCS, Mrs. Dillon firmly believed in Christian schooling – not only for her children but she wanted the best for every child that attended our school. This leaves a gaping hole in our school and in our hearts – and only God can fill it. We know that Paula COMPLETELY BELIEVED IN THIS SCHOOL AND OUR MISSION

9/27/2018: PRAISE REPORT: Just wanted to report that ALL of the funds have been raised for Alyssa, Mallory and Blake Dillon to go on the mission trip to El Salvador with our 8th grade! THANK YOU! The family GREATLY appreciates it!

In the early morning of September 22, we also lost a valued member of our team, Ms. Ramona Velez. Ms. Velez served for 13 school years as an teacher assistant in our preschool. She loved the Lord and the children. She arrived at the school early in the mornings over the last couple years before anyone else arriving on campus to work in a classroom and then open our morning care. She was one of our hardest working and most dedicated workers. All of our students, families, teachers and staff will miss her greatly. Our prayers go out to her family who she dearly loved.