Post-Hurricane/Calendar Update

Here is the 2017-18 calendar post hurricane as of today – praying for no more hurricanes!

Based on our accreditation we have the hours we need but we have to have at least 170 days in the school year. In order to make that happen, we have done the following:

  • October 6th is a full day now
  • October 16th will be a school day and not an in-service day
  • First quarter has been extended to October 20th
  • March 9th will remain a half-day but will be the proposed date to re-schedule the Auction
  • January 26th remains a day off for teacher in-service but could be a day of school if we have any further days we have to miss
  • The school year will be extended one extra week to May 25th. (Take note of changes to promotions, awards and graduation ceremonies)Please continue to pray for all those trying to rebuild after the hurricane!