NEW at FMCS: Archery

Fort Myers Christian School will begin its first season of Archery. Thanks to a partnership with the Lee County Sheriff’s office, all safety equipment, bows, arrows, range setup, and highly qualified trained archery professionals will be provided. We hope to provide athletes with an opportunity to develop a love and respect for the sport. At the conclusion of the season, we will look to have a competition with other local archery clubs.

Archery can be a fun and challenging activity. With proper supervision and safety practices, it is actually one of the safest sports for student athletic competition. According to a recent study, there is about 1 injury per 1000 youth archers compared to 76 injuries per 1000 for youth basketball.  The sport of archery commands a great deal of character, composure, determination, and responsibility.

We would like to thank: Captain Shawn Ramsey from the Lee County Sheriff’s department who is also one of our parents; C. Vernon Tyus, Staff Officer with the Lee County Sheriff’s department who is also with the Sheriff’s Youth Activities League; Lieutenant Larry King, and a great group of parents who assisting Coach Ziemer with the program. Great job Coach Ziemer! Go Eagles!

12/3/16: Over 100 young people gathered today on our campus for the first archery tournament that FMCS has ever participated in its history. Many thanks to the Sheriff’s Youth Activities League for putting it together and Coaches Ziemer, McFadden and Ramsey for a great day. We want to congratulate all of our students, especially finalists Morgan Franklin, Travis Shaw and Manny Joffre.