Praise Reports

We are thankful for positive feedback and good news:

Alumni, Lindsey Fleming, Class of 2007: “I wanted to thank you for everything you provided at FMCS. I can’t tell you how much that school left an impact on me. The school, teachers, administration built a strong spiritual foundation in my life that I will never stray from – and for that I am thankful. FMCS made it possible for me to experience my first missions trip which created a passion in my heart for missions. Now, eight missions trips later, I am not the same. I appreciate all we have and I am amaze by the powerful God we serve. I am so thankful that one school could leave such an impact on my life. I wanted you to hear that testimony of what FMCS did in just one child’s life.”

Preschool Praise, May 2013: Dear Ms. Schrieber  –  I wanted to thank you again for all that you have done for (my son) and his class throughout the school year. Today was bittersweet as I am so proud of how much he has accomplished and learned but I am saddened that he will not have you as his teacher next year. Of all the christian programs and the teachers we have encountered in (my son’s) early learning years, this was the first school year that I could drop my child off and not have to worry that the teacher did not have control of the class. I was amazed that you could remember every last detail regarding every child’s journey throughout the year. Further you went above and beyond your duty as a teacher to engage with (my son). It really touched both (my son) and my heart when we realized that this is not just a job for you but a walk and partnership with God!  My family really appreciates your involvement and the impact you are making on children everyday. Because of the joy you bring and our wonderful experience this year, I have recommended the VPK program, specifically you, to several families in the area.”

Kindergarten parent praise, May 2012: “Thank you for a wonderful year.  (We) are very grateful we chose FMCS for (our student). I reflect back to the beginning of the year when she cried almost every morning and even (we) were fish out of water. We now feel at home and (our student) cried on the way home from school today because she was going to miss everyone this summer. Enjoy your summer! Grateful and blessed”

Middle School parent, May 2012: “Given what my daughter has been  saddled with in the past, I am thrilled at what she has accomplished. When she was between 3-5 years old and we were told she might be in life skills classes and may or may not communicate. Now, 10 years later she will be graduating from a private school with a few honor rolls under her belt. That is an accomplishment that her teachers can be proud of. Mr. Mitchell, I know you do the surveys for Mrs. Stewart but these are the stories that show what that component of the school can do for a child. (My student) is proud of her honor rolls and has them in her room. While (my student)  may get inconsistent grades, I am learning that the good grades are even more special…Whatever her  future holds, her time at FMCS is special to her and to us. Thank you for giving her that chance 3 years ago when we came to you and asked for a place at the school. I believe FMCS, teachers, and staff took a kid  that could have fallen through the cracks. They helped inspire her to push through what was expected of a kid with autism and gave her hope and self worth.”

Parent Praise, May 2011: The Tansacha Family – “As the 2010-2011 school year closes, I must take this time to convey my appreciation for the Resource Learning Department.  My children, Dylan and Alyssa Tansacha are both students enrolled at Fort Myers Christian School and both in Elementary. Both of my children struggle when it comes to their academics.  The lives and education for both my children has forever changed because of your Resource Teachers.  I cannot put into words just how grateful I am for Mrs Stewart.  She has transformed their lives!! Dylan has been in the program for a little over three years. In those three years I have witnessed a young man conquering Dyslexia.  As for Alyssa, she does not have Dyslexia but does struggle like a Dyslexic.  Alyssa was only in Mrs. Stewarts class for the final semester this year.  But what a difference that semester made on her life.  For the first time all year Alyssa received the A/B honor roll.  She is now excited and confident when it comes to education.  Although both Mrs. Shell and Mrs. Tuma are both exceptional teachers, without Mrs. Stewart I do not believe my children would have accomplished as much.  The staff at FMCS is priceless. Thank you for selecting such an elite staff of educators.  Forever grateful.”

Parent Praise, March 2010 – Mrs. Jenna Billman

Why FMCS? Well, since this is our family’s 19th year here, I guess I should know! All three of our boys attended FMCS PreK-8. Our oldest just recently graduated from college, our middle son is in his second year, and Brett will graduate from FMCS in May. It will be a bittersweet time for our family.

I think we can all agree that middle school is not what it was when we were growing up. The peer pressure and influences that used to develop in high school are now effecting our middle schoolers. I read once that if you really want to know what a school is like, look at the middle schoolers. Are they respectful to their teachers and to the little kids and in their appearance? Are they studious, but also animated and fun? Are they challenged to be Christian leaders? In all honesty, I’d have to answer yes and that. in itself, says a lot about our school.

Your child is a vital part of the FMCS family. The class sizes are small, our teachers show love and concern on a daily basis, they pray for your child, and christian values taught at home are reinforced at school….that’s something you won’t get in public school!  It’s a good feeling to know that our school has your child’s best interest at heart. When I drop off my son, I know I am leaving him in a safe place. As sad as it is, that’s important in the world we live in.

I have commented on our teachers but I can’t let you leave here tonight without hearing about our principal. I have known Mel Mitchell for many years, in fact, he’s been here longer than we have! FMCS is blessed to have him as our principal. He is here for the students and he leads with a Godly example. It’s sometimes hard to find him in his office because he’s walking around campus or talking with students. You will see him most mornings when you drop off your student and then again in the afternoon when you pick them up. When our students are off campus whether be for field trips or serving the community, many times they are complimented on their character, attitudes, and behavior.   I believe this is a reflection of Mr. Mitchell’s leadership.

Now, what about the cost? Of course, there is the cost of tuition. Having had three children here, we know about the cost of tuition! It can be a sacrifice, and the only way I know to look at it is an investment. Does having your child attend a Christian school guarantee they will “walk the walk” for the rest of their lives? No, we all know there are no guarantees in life and that applies to how our children will turn out as well. I do know what the word says, though: Proverbs 22:6  “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. “ Would I do it differently if I had to do it all over? No, the morals, values, and Christ-like character Ft Myers Christian School has helped to instill in our children, while teaching them the 3R’s; will last a lifetime and that is a great return on our investment.

Parent Praise: For the Learning Resource Program
I just wanted to take a moment to say how much the learning resource center has helped my child. We feel that the level of instruction has helped in so many ways. First, in a small setting the teacher can really know the child and how he or she learns best. That alone has helped a great deal. Second the communication between the other teacher and the LRC teacher has been key. The teachers let her know what they are teaching and what to review. In turn, the LRC teacher lets us; the parents know what needs work and what is improving. Third, being a smaller setting takes away the overwhelming feeling for our child. She is more comfortable asking for help. If you are not sure if you should do it ask yourself this- what would you want for yourself if you were the child that needed extra help? Go for it, you (and your child) will be glad you did!

Alumni: Joey Cardona – Mar 31, 2009
FMCS was an experience I´ll never forget. Every year there helped shape who I´d be become, helped me to learn about God and give me a strong christian foundation to get me through my life. And the mission trips impacted me in such a way I knew right then that I´d never be the same. That alone completely shifted who I´d become as an adult. There´s nothing I´d love to do more than to give back to the school that already gave me so much. And I know I´m in a rough financial patch along with everyone else right now, but when I´m back on my feet and successful I´m gonna make a point of giving monthly donations to help the school with whatever you guys need…Just felt led to remind you that despite how a lot of the kids turn out when they leave, what you guys do there is still impacting lives every day 🙂 Take care and God Bless.

Parent Praise: Learning Resource Room – Mar 28, 2009
I am a mom of a middle school student who as attended here since kindergarten. Every year, but kindergarten my son has had to have tutoring usually it was a big help. But it was always after school hours which by then he’d was tried. Now that our school offers a Resource Room and tutoring he gets what the help he needs during school which is a big help for him. He has increase in his GPA quite a bit since the beginning of the year. And how awesome it is that Mrs. Stewart was his first grade teacher. Myra is so knowledgeable with learning disabilities and is so patience and kind to her students. My son has actually learned better studying skills from her which as increased his tests scores. This has been a huge plus in our lives especially with being a single mom with out a lot of time in the evening to spend with him on school. I want to thank our Principal and the Board for allowing us to have this awesome program at our school. What benefits we will reap from this needed help. Praise God!!

Parent: Leslie Naylor – Feb 4, 2009
Mr. Mitchell, This is something I have been meaning to do since the beginning of the school year and I am not going to put off anymore. I just wanted to thank you and all involved at FMCS for the wonderful job you do and the positive environment you have created for my child to learn. Ryder attended FMCS for both Pre-K 4 and Kindergarten and I could not be more pleased at the progress he has made as well as the level of learning he has achieved in the past year and a half. He has blossomed as a result of teachers who truly love and are passionate about their student´s learning. I work at Lee Middle School as the Information specialist and it is because I work at a public school that I know the right place for Ryder is in a good Christian school. You spoke about the hesitancy of people to send to children to private school at the banquet and I know what you were talking about. After attending Catholic schools for 11 years I swore I would never do that to my children. Well, never say never! What I have found at FMCS is the opportunity for my son to be educated according to Biblical principals, to worship and praise Jesus everyday without fear of being ridiculed or ostracized and to do it in positive and loving environment. I want him to grow up believing it a normal, joyful, everyday part of going to school. He is 6 years old and he prays to God on a regular basis about things that truly blow my mind because of the perception it takes for him to even know about such things, he falls asleep at night with his Bible wrapped in his arms because God´s word gives you power and he knows nothing can touch him when he has God´s power and he believes that. He has learned some of this from church and Sunday school but I credit the majority of his knowledge, love and actions to the environment you have provided for him. I thank God everyday for providing me the ability to send him to FMCS, I truly believe with all my soul that this is where God meant for him to be…Well, I didn´t mean to go on and on I just really wanted you to know how much I appreciate all that you and the school do and how gratefully blessed I am to be able to send my child there. I don´t have much opportunity to volunteer or help out in the classroom to show my appreciation but I wanted to let you know that I don´t take this gift for granted and it means the world to both Ryder and me. I tell my friends all the time that it is worth the financial sacrifice to send Ryder there. I wish I could make them understand that the education and love of Jesus that taught at FMCS is far more valuable than any material objects we may have to do without, there is not even a comparison. Thanks for all you do, all your hard work and for your love of the students and families of FMCS. May God bless this school with much success and financial stability in the future. The Lord knows how much we need this school.

Alumni: Barbara Fischer – Feb 2, 2009

FMCS was so great for me…I´m so glad that´s where I attended for elementary and middle school. It prepared me so well for high school.

Alumni: Kim Capasso – Aug 21, 2009
Kim Capasso, 2008 graduate of PBA’s School of Nursing, is flying high these days. Foregoing more conventional post-graduate nursing positions, she is training at the David Grant USAF Medical Center at the Travis Air Force Base located near San Francisco, California. Her goal is to be an Air Force flight nurse, helping to transport the sick and wounded between medical facilities. “I became interested in flight nursing because of all of the stories I heard of others who have done it,” Capasso says. “From the different situations you get put into to all of the traveling that is involved, it sounded exciting. Plus you get your wings!” Ultimately Capasso wants to be part of a CCAT team (critical care air transport). Before reaching that point, however, the training process is long and rigorous. In August Capasso completed five weeks of commissioned officers training at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama. She is now enrolled in the 12-week nurse transition program at the USAF Medical Center at Travis. “This program was created for nurses coming into the Air Force with less than a year of nursing experience,” Capasso says. “It is designed to ease you into military life, as well as help you go from school to working a floor all on your own.” To qualify as a flight nurse, “You have to go through flight school and survival training.” Capasso credits her PBA education with helping her adapt to the rigors of military life. “Through PBA I was able to get amazing training as a leader, as well as put that into practice through many leadership positions on campus and in the nursing school. I already have been able to put those skills into practice in my current situation.” Looking ahead, Capasso says, “Just starting out in the Air Force and in my career as a nurse, it’s hard to see where the future will take me. The possibilities are absolutely endless! For now I’m concentrating on learning how to become a strong, competent nurse and a responsible leader as an officer. I know I have more to learn than I can possibly even imagine. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for my life through all of this!” (Taken from Palm Beach Atlantic Website.)

Alumni: Joshua Moretz – Oct 12, 2009
Although there were tough moments as their will be any where, the staff was very loving and encouraging and I can´t express my thanks to all of them. I learned one of the most important lessons in my life, to keep my eyes on Jesus Christ and never look at my circumstances or what the world is saying is “cool” or if others are following Christ. It´s all Christ´s and its all in His hands. I am so thankful to God for teaching me that lesson while there, I can honestly say I would not be the person I am today if I had not learned that lesson while at FMCS. God bless

Alumni: Jessica Ontek – Oct 12, 2009
Before FMCS I was lost. I knew ABOUT Christ, but I didn´t KNOW Christ. I came here my 7th grade year, so I only attended FMCS for about two years. But I can honestly say those were the two most important years of my life. Not only did I make lasting friendships with the students and staff, but I also made the most important relationship a person can make in their life. I made a relationship with Jesus Christ. I don´t want to sound cliche but Fort Myers Christian School truly saved my life. The only complaining I´ve ever heard from any of my class mates is when they had to leave. You know your a good school when students who graduated three years ago STILL want to go back. We love you guys. Thank you for what you´ve done in my life.